Get Discovered

Turn Your Fans Into
Brand Ambassadors

We call it “crowd-promotion”. We’ve built Wiser in
a way that good content systematically promotes
itself without any marketing push. So whether you
are journalist, podcast host, blogger, vlogger or a
publisher, we can help you expand your reach –
exponentially. As soon as one person ‘likes’ one
particular content, it gets featured to hundreds
of other members who follow him or her.

Let Your Audience
Promote Your

Branding With

turn your fans turn your fans

More Paying Subscribers

Wiser features your content to hundreds of potential
subscribers as soon as one single person in your existing
follower base recommends it. We’re not talking about
“impressions” or some meaningless number. We’re
talking about spreading your content in a community
that values your content and willing to support you in
your pursuit. You now have the power to turn your
followers into influencers who promote your content
on a daily basis.

Discovery Drives Consumption

One consumer’s perceived value for content or
subscription to a channel leads to another
consumer’s discovery of that content

Discovery Drives Consumption

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